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Robert Saltzman MD

Robert Saltzman, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgery - Trauma, Orthopedic Surgery - Total Joints, Orthopedic Surgery

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About Me

Robert M. Saltzman, M.D., specializes in sports medicine, joint replacement, fracture surgery and general orthopedic surgery in both children and adults. He has practiced as an orthopedic surgeon in Baltimore for over fifteen years. 

As a board-certified expert, Dr. Saltzman understands that each patient's condition is unique. He places great importance on spending time with patients to help them understand the condition and to explain the best options for an optimal recovery. Working regularly on knees, hips, shoulders, arms, legs, hands and feet, he can handle almost any orthopedic problem. 

Dr. Saltzman received his undergraduate degree from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and his medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He completed an internship in general surgery and a residency in orthopedic surgery at Boston University School of Medicine. He is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and is a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. 


  • Medical Education: University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Internship: Boston University School of Medicine
  • Internship: Boston University School of Medicine
  • Residency: Boston University School of Medicine

Conditions Treated

Abnormalities of feet
Abnormalities of the arms
Abnormalities of the hands
Abnormalities of the hips
Abnormalities of the legs
Achilles tendon injuries
Achilles tendonitis
Achilles tendonosis
ACL injuries
Acromioclavicular joint separation
Adhesive capsulitis
Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder
Ankle arthritis
Ankle dislocation
Ankle fracture
Ankle fusion
Ankle impingement
Ankle injury
Ankle osteoarthritis
Ankle pain
Ankle sports injury
Ankle sprain
Ankle strain
Anterior tibial tendon rupture
Arm fracture
Arm injury
Arm pain
Arthritis of elbow
Arthritis of knee
Bankart lesion
Base of fifth metatarsal fracture
Bicep injury
Bicep tear
Bicep tendon tear
Biceps tendonitis
Broken femur
Bucket handle meniscus tears
Buckle fracture
Calcific tendonitis
Cervical arthritis
Cervical disc degeneration
Cervical disc herniation
Cervical radiculopathy
Cervical spinal stenosis
Chronic muscle injury
Clavicle fracture
Clicking shoulder
Colles fracture
Compartment syndrome
Compound fracture
Compression Fractures
Cubital tunnel syndrome
Damaged patellar cartilage removal
Degenerative joint disease of the hip
Degenerative joint disease of the knee
Degenerative joint disease of the shoulder
Discoid meniscus
Dislocated knee
Dislocated patella
Distal clavicular osteolysis
Elbow dislocation
Elbow fracture
Elbow injury
Elbow mass
Elbow pain
Elbow sprain
Femur fracture
Fibula fracture
Finger dislocation
Foot fracture
Foot pain
Forearm fracture
Fusion of joint
Gastrocnemius injury
Gout of the elbow
Growth plate fracture
Growth plate injury
Haglund's deformity
Hammer toe
Hammer toe repair
Hamstring injury
Hand fracture
Heel pain
Herniated disc
Hip arthritis
Hip fracture
Hip pain
Hip rotator cuff tear
Hip sprain
Humerus fracture
Injury of muscle
Injury to foot
Injury to the hip
Insufficiency fracture
Joint dislocation
Joint infection
Joint sprain
Knee fracture
Knee injury
Knee pain
Kneecap dislocation
Shoulder labral tear and rotator cuff tear
Leg pain
Ligament injury
Lisfranc tear
Little league elbow
Little league shoulder
Loose body in the knee
Lower extremity nonunion fracture
Lumbosacral plexus lesion
Lumbosacral radiculopathy
Mallet toe
Meniscus injury
Morton's neuroma
Muscle strain
Muscle tears
Nonunion fracture
Nonunion fracture of the foot
Olecranon bursitis
Osgood Schlatter disease
Osteoarthritis of the foot
Osteoarthritis of the knee
Osteoarthritis of the hip
Osteonecrosis of the hip
Patella fracture
Patellar tendon rupture
Patellar tendonitis
Patellofemoral arthritis
Patellofemoral injury
Patellofemoral instability
Patellofemoral syndrome
Periprosthetic femur fracture
Peroneal tendonitis
Plantar fasciitis
Popliteal cyst
Proximal humerus fracture
Quadricep injury
Radius fracture
Repetitive stress injury
Rotator cuff disorders
Rotator cuff impingement
Rotator cuff injury
Running injury
Rupture of achilles tendon
Scapular fracture
Separated shoulder
Shin splints
Shoulder arthritis
Shoulder dislocation
Shoulder fracture
Shoulder impingement
Shoulder injury
Shoulder instability
Shoulder pain
Shoulder strain
Slap tear
Slipped capital femoral epiphysis
Soft tissue injury
Sports injury
Sports medicine of the foot
Sports related foot injury
Lower extremity stress fractures
Stress fractures
Subcutaneous tendo-achilles bursitis
Subtalar dislocation
Syndesmosis sprain
Tendinitis of the elbow
Tendinitis of the hand
Tendinitis of the wrist
Tendon rupture of the ankle
Thumb fracture
Tibia fracture
Tibial spine fracture
Tibial tendonitis
Torn ligament
Torn meniscus
Trochanteric bursitis
Twisted ankle
Wrist fracture
Wrist pain